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16 May 2008 @ 04:46 pm
Request post [OPEN]  
What you can request?:
• icons
• banners
• headers
• layouts (but I'll be using base codings)
• wallpapers
• whatever you think I can make using Photoshop 5.0 :D

What you can't request?:
• media. music, mvs etc.
• animated graphics

• You can request either personal graphic, or if you let, I'll post it in my next graphic post for everyone to use. (If you want to have personal graphic, you have to remember that this is internet, and I can't stop people from taking it, but I really really hope that no one will do that, since it's rude.)
• Crediting would be very nice. If I make something especially for you, credit is highly appreciated :D !
• Please don't request too much at once. XDD'' Use your brains !

Requesting form:
• Personal or not?
• Type of graphic?
• Link to the image and name of the subject
• Any wishes? You can describe as much as you want to, and I'll try my best. 8)