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"Let it burn."
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Hello ! This is Ni's own new graphics community ! I hope you'll like my graphics and enjoy your stay. ♥
The name comes from a song by a band called Babylon, and I know that it doesn't make much sense. XD

--R U L E S----------------
♪ Stealing is lame. Don't steal. You don't want a burned muffin thrown at you? Good. Going without credit is stealing, as well as stating that something not made by you is made by you.
♪ Comments are love, they make me extremely happy ♥ ! They encourage me to make more graphics for you people ! Concrit is always welcome too, but I'm going to laugh at you if you just stick to "you suck, mwahaha :---D". That, you can keep all to yourself. ♥
♪ Don't edit anything made by me. If you're not happy with some little thing, you can always request.
♪ You can freely use my graphics at other sites besides LJ, but pretty please, remember to credit, okay? A tiny "icon/banner/whatever made by claircorruption @ LJ" will do ~ !

--O T H E R-----------------
All the credits can be found here. It's a bit out of date, but I'm making a new one, so all the resources will get the credit they deserve !

Some times I forget where some textures and brushes are from, so if you find you haven't been credited (even in the new one, when I've got it done), I will be more than happy to add credit to you !

--A F F I L I A T E--------
We have one affiliate so far. ♥ Go visit them, go go ♪ !

I'll be more than happy to affiliate with other communities, graphic makers etc. If you want to affiliate, you can comment here.